WATCH: Thai university student catches molester red-handed on bus

PHOTO: Stomp

A fourth-year university student Wednesday filed a complaint with police alleging an unidentified man of molesting her on a bus.

The student of a Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts of a well-known university, said she was molested on Bus No 8 on August 18 but she just filed a complaint now after she saw a video clip of another woman being molested.

In the clip, which been posted and widely shared among Thai Facebook users on Monday, showed a woman sitting on a bus with a hand popping out from behind trying to touch her breast.

Photo: Facebook video screengrab

Eventually, the woman burst out and told the man she had caught the act in the video clip. When the woman turned to talk to the man, the clip showed his face clearly. The university student said she felt that a hand touched her waist from behind her seat.

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She eventually stood up and yelled at the man but he said he did nothing.

The student said after she saw the video clip she remembered it was the same man so she decided to file a complaint with the police at the Bang Sue station.

The student who made a report after watching the video.Photo: The Nation/Asia News Network

Bang Sue police chief Pol Col Seksit Supha-uan said police would seek an arrest warrant agains the man, who has not yet been identified.


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