Watermelon way to beat the heat

Watermelon way to beat the heat

China is in the midst of a brutal heat wave right now, with temperatures soaring.

And some parents have found a way to help their little ones beat the heat: Watermelon, reported Mail Online.

No, the parents are not making their children eat more of the fruit - but to "wear" the watermelon.

According to Xinhua, China's official news agency, the trend started last month in Wenzhou, in China's southeastern Zhejiang province, after photos of a child dressed in a watermelon suit appeared online.

The pictures spread through China's microblogging service Sina Weibo and even ended up on the TV news.

Other "watermelon suits" followed.

Shanghaiist, a lifestyle weblog that reports about happenings in Shanghai, reported that the child's father spent hours making the outfit.

There have also been variations on the watermelon suit, such as watermelon bikinis, hula skirt inspired melon outfits, and watermelon armour.

Many Chinese netizens were impressed by the watermelon suits, calling them "creative and ecofriendly".

Some said that the outfits could even cool down the children.

And it's not just the children who have been seen with the watermelon suits.

Some adults also got into the act, the Chinese media reported.

China's People's Daily quoted a dermatologist as saying that while the chance for watermelon allergies is small, there is a possibility of skin irritation as baby skin is highly sensitive.

So it may not be a good idea to wear these suits for a long time because the watermelon rind is moist and it could breed germs and bacteria.

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