'Western' names to be banned for children in Indonesian regency

Happy childhood: Children participate in the Dream Library workshop during the Festival Cerita Jakarta (Jakarta Storytelling Festival) recently.
PHOTO: Instagram.com/rumahceritaorg

The Karanganyar Legislative Council (DPRD) plans to issue a bylaw that will prohibit parents from giving their children “Western” names.

“The bylaw is being deliberated. It will take quite a long time for the council to pass the bylaw.

But in principal, the bylaw aims to protect local cultures that have begun to disappear,” said DPRD Karanganyar speaker Sumanto on Wednesday.

He said Karanganyar councillors were of the opinion that local names must be protected because they were part of the nation’s noble historical inheritance.

“The use of Western names has become very common. We are concerned about the condition,” said Sumanto.