White balloon moves by itself during child's wake & comforts grieving mom

A grieving mother burst into tears after a floating white balloon at her child's wake started to move by itself and stopped at where she was seated.

A one and a half minute video shared by Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares on Facebook showed the balloon moving away from her child's coffin and towards the mother, who is believed to be Filipino.

The white balloon circles around the woman and lingers in her presence, after which the woman draws it close to her head and breaks down in tears.

The video ends with the woman tying the balloon to herself and keeping it with her.

The colour white symbolises purity and according to news and entertaiment site Rachfeed, the release of white balloons during funerals is an expression of a final tribute for a departed loved one.

While it is not clear why the balloon moved and stopped at the grieving mother's side, balloons are also believed to represent an idyllic childhood that a person is longing to go back to, reported Elite Readers.