Wife of Indian man, 97, leaves home with baby son

Mr Ramajit Raghav, 97, was over the moon last year when his wife gave birth to their second son.

But the elderly man was left feeling depressed last week after his wife, Ms Shakuntala Devi, walked out on him just before their young son's first birthday, reported Britain's Daily Mail.

Mr Raghav, who said they had been together for 23 years, said: "Last year, around this time, we were so happy. Ranjeet was born. I felt blessed. "This year, all I have is my loneliness and the company of the four walls of my house."

Ms Devi, who is said to be in her early 50s, left their one-room tenement home in Haryana, northern India, last week with their son Ranjeet. Their first son went missing half a year ago.

"She just left last week. She did not say anything. She just walked out of the door with Ranjeet in her arms. I don't know where they are or why she left me," Mr Raghav said.

"I met Shakuntala on a rainy morning while sitting next to a Muslim shrine and brought her home. She didn't have any family or friends around. She was all that I had in life."

In an interview last year, Ms Devi said she would have been dead by now if not for Mr Raghav's caring ways.

She had said then: "It doesn't matter how old he is, I love him and I care for him dearly even though he shouts at me sometimes.

"He doesn't seem old to me, he can make love like any 25-year-old man, even better because he can go on all night, and he makes a wonderful father." Mr Raghav, a landless labourer, lives on a government pension of 650 rupees (S$13) a month. He was first married at the age of 24 and married Ms Devi after having been widowed for 25 years.

He said: "Shakuntala and I have been together for 23 years. But 23 years later, she seems to have chosen her path. All I can do it is wait for her to return. "I sit by the door most of the time. I think she will return soon. I am waiting. I love her.

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