Winner takes home record 97m in Taiwan lotto

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The long hope or long wait is over, depending on whether you are among the tens of thousands of lottery buyers or the lucky one who yesterday took home NT$2.3 billion (S$97 million), the biggest single jackpot in Taiwan history.

Taiwan's Super Lotto last night finally came up with a winner after its 24 previous draws failed produce a first-prize winner. The winning numbers that did it were 01, 02, 06, 12, 30 and 36, plus the supplementary number 03.

The winner bought the lucky lottery ticket in Taoyuan City.

Taiwan Lottery said it sold tickets totaling NT$1.85 billion for this lotto alone, leading to a new single-draw record.

The winner will take home an after-tax jackpot of NT$1.88 billion. By simply dumping it in a bank account with an annual demand deposit rate of 0.55 per cent, the winner could earn NT$10.23 million every year, or he or she could use the prize money to buy seven homes in the nation's most expensive luxury apartment building, or 188 Bentley automobiles, or build a taxi fleet of his or her own.

Since its launch on Jan. 22, 2008, Super Lotto has given out 37 first prizes to 43 winners, with winners taking in NT$630 million on average.

This means that a first prize is won every 2.8 months on average.

According to an analysis by TLC, 66 per cent of the winners who have won over NT$5 million are men, with the majority (32 per cent) falling within the 50-59 age group.