Woman accused of cheating forced to parade half-naked by husband

A woman was forced to parade half-naked on the streets by her husband after he accused her of having an affair.

33-year-old Wang was reportedly a victim of domestic abuse, having been frequently beaten by her husband.

Her husband, 37-year-old Zhang, accused her of having an affair, and in a drunken stupor forced her to walk through the streets nearly naked.

Accoding to Pulse.ng, several photos have emerged online showing the woman walking through the streets in Yushan county, situated in southeast China's Jiangxi province.

A handwritten sign hung around her neck reads "I want to sell my body" in Chinese.

The husband can be seen driving a black car slowly behind the woman, watching her every action.

According to local media reports, the couple have been married for ten years and have two daughters.

Local reporters were also informed by friends of the couple that the husband has long bear grudges against his wife for their lack of a son in the family.

Mail Online reported that since the incident, an apology letter has appeared in a local newspaper, apparently penned by the husband after he learned that his wife had not been unfaithful.

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