Woman admits lying to Thai police about attempted rape by taxi driver

PHOTO: Pixabay

A woman who initially claimed that a taxi driver tried to rape her early Sunday morning in Bangkhen area, which caused police to search for the suspect, has recanted her story.

Warinit Pluemjit, 20, confessed to city police commissioner Pol LtGeneral Sanit Mahatavorn, who had questioned the woman personally and employed interrogation techniques after having spotted many suspicious details in the incident.

She claimed she wanted money to give to her mother who is sick.

Police responded to the claim after a taxi driver was arrested for allegedly raping a Chinese tourist.

Warinit told police at around 3am on Sunday that a taxi driver allegedly tried to rape her and robbed her of Bt2,000 cash near the entrance to the Army golf course on Ramindra Road.

She claimed she took the taxi from the mouth of Soi Samai 63 to the second Mor Chit bus terminal at about 2am. She was rushing to go back to her home province of Sukhothai after receiving a call from her family that her mother was sick.

She said she planned to arrive at the bus terminal and buy a ticket for the first bus home but the taxi driver stopped at the entrance of the golf course and tried to rape her.

She said she fought back and managed to open the door before running away but the driver snatched Bt2,000 in cash from her handbag.

At first, police planned on giving her money to buy a bus ticket and see her off at the bus terminal but after her confession, police took her to jail, where she faces charges of filing a false claim.

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