Woman in China kicks old man viciously after being asked to give up seat

An argument that broke out between a woman and an elderly man on board a bus in China's Fujian province ended with the woman kicking the elderly man in the face.

According to a report on Ecns.cn, the incident took place on April 21 in Xiamen city's Tongan district.

"The woman swore at the man after being ordered to offer her seat to him," said a passenger who witnessed the dispute.

She became increasingly irritated as their quarrel went on, and suddenly lifted herself up on two grab handles before delivering a kick to the man's face.

When other passengers expressed shock and criticised her for being disrespectful, she started swearing at them.

The incident finally came to a rest after 15 minutes, when an employee from the bus company and commuters helped the elderly man to switch seats with another passenger.

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