Woman dies after working 30 hours straight

JAKARTA- She apparently worked non-stop for 30 hours and was tweeting about her work.

Miss Mita Diran, 24, a copywriter in Jakarta, Indonesia, died on Sunday after telling fellow netizens how long she had been in the office.

On Saturday, hours before her death, she tweeted: "30 hours of work and still going strooong."

Shw worked at Young & Rubicam, an advertising agency owned by Ogilvy.

Miss Diran tweeted at least once about staying up all night working with help from an energy drink, the Mail Online reported.

"Spent half the night writing copy and finishing up a 23-page deck with a glass of vodka/red bull mix and now I can't sleep. So bear with me."


The copyrighter's mother took to Path, a social networking-enabled photo-sharing and messaging service, before her death to tell of her heartache, BuzzFeed reported.

Wrote Mrs Yani Syahial: "Hi everyone, since last night and until now my daughter who is a copyrighter in Y&R lay in coma. Chances not very good. She collapsed last night (on Saturday) after continuous (sic) working overtime for three days.

Miss Diran died soon after the hour.

After expressing condolences and wishing their dead employee's family well, Miss Diran's employer announced on Facebook that staff will be given a day off to grieve.

Reports said that Miss Diran was a hard-working, dedicated copywriter. She always wrote on Tumblr about how exhausting her work was. She had written: "Tonight, I carry the keys to the office for the eighth day running. I'm still here. I have no life. Someone please take me out for drinks, kicks and giggles."

She also took to Twitter to post about her long hours.

Miss Diran tweeted last month: "Home before midnight after three long, exhausting weeks. Mission accomplished."

A few days earlier, she showed signs she was having trouble keeping up with the demands at work.

She tweeted on Nov 14: "Sweetest sleep I've had in a long time. It's a shame I'm supposed to wake up uh, one hour earlier. Slept through three phone calls and three alarms!"

That could have been the result of the long hours she had put in during the previous week.

Said another tweet: "Alright, one full week of going home past 2am from the office. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we just broke a record."

Miss Diran even pondered sleeping in the office.

She said: "The more you spend time at the office, the more you consider moving your bed here. Preferably next to the fan."

Meanwhile, one netizen had this final plea: "Please people. Know your own body limitation, don't push yourself too hard."

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