Woman divorces husband for choosing her over his mother

PHOTO: The New Paper

A Saudi court granted a couple's divorce after a woman accused the man of leaving his mother and family to be with her.

The Saudi Gazette reports that they had no problems as a couple but that the way he treated his family bothered the wife.

She told the judge, "I can never trust a man who does everything to keep his wife happy while he denies even a small favour to his mother."

The woman said her husband, 29, took care of her, giving her expensive gifts and trips abroad.

However, the woman felt that "a man who is not good to his own mother cannot be trusted. He may turn his back on me anytime in the future."

The man was reported to have been in deep shock. He would do everything to keep her, he told the judge.

He asked her, "Didn't I abandon my own family for you?"

"Yes, and this is the very reason I want divorce from you," the woman retorted.

The divorce was granted after she returned the dowry from her husband.