Woman hangs herself after quarrelling with hubby over money

INDIA - A pregnant woman hanged herself at her home in Alapakkam, Chennai, following financial disputes with her husband.

Sathyabhama, 29, had been constantly harassed by Parivenden, 32, to get money from her parents for a business venture.

Tamil Nesan quoted police as saying that the couple got married a year ago.

Parivenden, who works in a furniture shop, was keen on setting up his own shop.

He tried borrowing money but could not raise enough funds, so he began pestering his wife to ask her parents to finance him. The couple fought daily over the issue.

Sathyabhama's father had refused to give Parivenden the money, saying that he had spent all his life savings on dowry for his daughter's wedding.

On Monday, Parivenden left the house after a quarrel, saying he would not return.

Upset over the situation, Sathyabhama hung herself from the ceiling. Neighbours who found her dead called the police.