Woman hires strippers to perform at late husband's wake

A devoted wife in Taiwan has fulfilled her husband's wishes to the very end, putting aside her personal grief to invite strippers to perform sexy dances at his funeral.

Promiscuously-dressed women strutting around and posing provocatively is not an image one would usually associate with the typically sober affair of a funeral.

But this Taiwanese wife could think of no better way to pay homage to her husband.

Apparently, the woman organised the unorthodox entertainment to venerate her late husband's memory and let him feast his eyes from the afterlife, as during his time, he famously had a penchant for looking at beautiful women, reported NetEase.

While it is not certain if the spectacle was a somewhat unhealthy but genuinely affectionate tribute to the woman's husband, or actually a symbol of spiteful irony mocking his wandering eye; it certainly is an incongruous sight for the normally solemn place of mourning.

That is not to say however, that it is a totally unfamiliar one, report Tencent and Shanghaiist.

Last month, raunchy photos of strippers and pole dancers gyrating on stage from funeral services in rural Hebei revived the trend of erotic distractions at funerals which had been on a long hiatus following the crackdown on x-rated entertainment accompanying eulogies.

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