Woman holds 'devoted' boyfriend 'responsible' for 8-month-long coma

Woman holds 'devoted' boyfriend 'responsible' for 8-month-long coma

A Chinese woman who woke up after being in a coma for eight months has claimed that her boyfriend who took care of her was responsible for causing her injuries.

According to the New York Post, Lin Yingying, 24, alleged that her boyfriend, Liu Fenghe, 25, had caused her coma after he beat her with a rolling pin in Sept 2014.

She said that Liu beat her after she burned 20 loaves of bread in the bakery they co-ran in the province of Liaoning, China. She also said that he had physically assaulted her before.

Lin added that the last thing she remembered about the incident before losing consciousness, was hitting the floor and hearing her boyfriend call for an ambulance.

She spent the next eight months in a vegetative state, only regaining consciousness in May last year. 

During her coma, local media reported that Liu had not only tended to Lin but had also spent 200,000 yuan (S$42,508) on her medical care, declaring that he would take care of her for the rest of her life.

According to a report by The Independent, Lin said that she gained the courage to speak up after her father told her that she had already "died once" and that there was nothing more for her to be "afraid of".

The doctors in charge of Lin's case also said that the injuries she suffered were akin to one sustained in a fall from a five-storey building.

Lin's father has reportedly informed the local police of the alleged abuse.


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