Woman jumps off plane on her birthday

A Taiwanese woman leapt to her death from a light aircraft in Taipei on her birthday.

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that undergraduate Su Yun, 21, unfastened her seat belt and jumped when the aircraft was flying at the height of 100m in Taitung County on Wednesday.

The aircraft's owner, Zhang Jia Ming, was piloting the aircraft.

Su and a friend, known only as Chen, had stayed at Zhang's guesthouse a day earlier.

They had asked Zhang to give them a ride but he rejected, saying he did not have an operating licence.

He eventually gave in when he was told that it was Su's birthday.

It was reported that Zhang tried to grab her but to no avail.

Police later found a note on the aircraft said to have been left behind by Su.

Apparently, she apologised to Zhang in the note.

Police also found another suicide note in Su's room which was meant for her father.

In the note, Su was believed to have said that she found life meaningless and had no reason to continue living.