Woman kisses brother-in-law and causes chaos at Indian wedding

At a wedding in Aligarh, India, a woman was so excited that her brother-in-law was tying the knot that she leapt up and kissed him in front of the bride and her family.

Undaunted, she pulled the bridegroom to the dance floor and danced, Malaysia Nanban reported.

A brawl promptly ensued between the two families, which then turned into a free-for-all with the 500-odd guests running for cover on Thursday night.

So peeved was the bride's family that they not only beat up the groom's family, but also held him captive.

Aligarh mayor Shakuntala Bharati, who was among the guests, said although it was a personal matter, she had to intervene to free the groom.

The groom went home without his bride.