Woman nearly strips girl topless over train seat fight

A fight over a seat on a Wuhan train in China on Aug 2 turned more than just ugly when a middle-aged woman nearly stripped her young opponent topless.

The 1.43min long video started with the woman pulling the hair of a teenage girl, Chinese news site, People.com.cn reported.

As the older woman continued to yank the teen's hair, the senior shouted that she was educating the latter, despite pleas from other commuters to stop.

A man intervened by trying to release the older woman's grip from the girl's hair.

Throughout the scuffle, the petite teen refused to budge and stayed on her seat while the older woman tried to shove her off.

As the hair-pulling escalated, the woman started to yank the teen's pink top, nearly stripping her in the process.

People.com.cn reported that the woman had broken the girl's bra straps in the struggle and exposed her bare back in the video.

Ms Su, whose friend uploaded the video online, explained to People.com.cn that the fight started when both women were fighting to grab a seat at the corner of the train, resulting in the altercation.

After being scolded and insulted by the younger girl, the middle-aged woman went berserk and unleash her fury at the junior, pulling her hair and throwing punches.