Woman receives $2,000 compensation for assault in coins

It took bank workers in Kunming, Yunnan province over eight hours to process 5,000 yuan (S$1,000) in one-jiao (S$0.02) coins paid to a woman surnamed Wu as compensation for assault.

According to an article in China Smack, in September 2012, Wu was eating at a noodle restaurant when she and her husband got into an altercation with the owner.

After leaving, a restaurant worker chased after the couple and attacked them, leaving Wu with a brain contusion and her husband with three broken ribs.

Wu took the matter to court June this year, and the court ruled that the noodle restaurant pay her 68,000 yuan as compensation.

After the ruling, the restaurant first paid 38,000 yuan through their lawyer.

On August 9, however, at around 5pm, the person in charge of the restaurant called Wu notifying her to go pick up some of the remainder - 10,000 yuan in compensation.

Ms. Wu picked up 8 bags of one-jiao coins, asked two banks, but neither could handle processing the coins.

It wasn't until the morning of August 15 that the Kunming city downtown branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China agreed to process Ms. Wu's deposit.

The bank reportedly had 18 employees spend all day counting 10,000 yuan in 1 jiao coins.

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