Woman refuses to let snatch thief have her bag - even if it means getting dragged behind a bike

If a woman does not want to give up her hand bag, very little will change her mind - not even a snatch thief on a motorbike.

This unbelievable video shows the aftermath of an attempted snatch theft where the victim wasn't quite ready to admit defeat.

Gamely hanging on with both hands, the girl gets dragged along painfully by the fleeing biker.

Based on the timestamp on the clip, the incident is believed to have occurred in 2011.

The location of the incident and what became of the woman are uncertain.

Netizens who viewed the video online were amazed by her tenacity.

One commented in Malay, "That's not a woman, that is the robot from Terminator 2."

Others expressed empathy for what must have been an extremely painful experience for the woman.

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