Woman stuns cruise goers with amazing pole dance moves

Tourists onboard a cruise ship sailing along China's famous Yellow River were treated to a surprise dance performance on May 2, reported Chinese news site Net Ease.

Dressed in a white bikini, Ms Liu Fei Fei, performed pole dance moves on the ship's flag pole and stunned guests with her graceful and flexible poses.

Swinging around the flag pole, she was described as resembling a "human banner", reported Net Ease.

The holiday makers were on a cruise tour to see the Three Gorges Dam that spans the Yellow River when the tour organisers added in the dance performance for entertainment.

From the photos captured, it looked like the cruise goers were mesmerised by Ms Liu's dance moves and many also whipped out their cameras to take photos.

Some of the men even looked stunned when Ms Liu performed some of her more complicated moves.

Pole dancing is a popular sport in Western countries such as United States and Australia, where many competitions are held yearly.

In major Chinese cities, the sport is also gaining popularity.

In Hong Kong, CNN reported in April 2015 that hundreds of studios have been established to meet the demand and China even has their own national pole dance team.