Woman throws newborn baby from 17th-floor condominium in Thailand

Shortly after giving birth to a baby, a young woman in Pattaya threw her child out the window of her 17th-floor condominium.

Natechanok Nokyung, 20, was devastated after her Korean boyfriend left her to return to his wife in his home country, according to media reports.

The 40-year-old man was reported to have broken up with Natechanok after learning of her pregnancy.

The baby's fall on Monday (Nov 6) was witnessed by a man who was installing curtains in a unit on the fourth floor at the time.

He found the infant's body in a plastic bag at the foot of the building and immediately alerted a security guard, Bangkok Post reported. The baby is believed to have died from severe head injuries.

Police arrested Natechanok the following day after reviewing surveillance footage and finding blood-stained clothes in her toilet.

The woman confessed to the crime and claimed that she panicked after "unexpectedly" giving birth that day. 

According to The Sun, police colonel Apichai Khemphet said: ''This is a very brutal crime. The baby was born in a healthy condition. The mother did not have grief for what had happened."

In photos circulating online, Natechanok appeared expressionless and apathetic while talking to police.

She was charged with infanticide after undergoing a medical checkup at the hospital.