Worker killed after machine falls him at Indonesia hospital

An expedition worker died after a 1-ton sterilization machine fell on him at city-owned Budhi Asih Hospital (RSUD) in Cililitan East Jakarta, on Wednesday.

The victim, identified as Dani, was alive when he taken to the hospital's emergency room to receive first aid treatment after being hit by the machine. However, he died in the hospital as the wounds he suffered to his head as a result of the accident were reportedly too severe.

RSUD Budhi Asih director Ida Bagus Nyoman Banjar said the incident happened when Dani was trying to get the machine off a delivery truck.

"The incident today happened when the health equipment supplier sent the equipment, which in this case was a sterilization machine, from the CSSD [Central Sterile Supply Department]. It was meant to be unloaded from the truck to be brought to the fourth floor," Banjar said on Wednesday, reported.

Banjar said that, when the victim was trying to unload the machine using a forklift, the machine immediately fell and hit him.

"The victim was a member of an expedition company. The forklift that he used was not strong enough nor was it in the correct position, [so the machine] fell onto the victim," Banjar said.

Banjar said the expedition company, not the hospital, was responsible for the incident because the machine had yet to be transported to the hospital's fourth floor.

The East Jakarta Police are currently investigating the case.