Xi teams up with news outlets to diminish Jiang

BEIJING - Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to the media to campaign against a Chinese tradition in which retired senior government officials insinuate themselves into political decision-making.

The campaign is meant to minimize the influence of Chinese Communist Party elders, including former President Jiang Zemin.

On Monday, the People's Daily, a party mouthpiece, published a column that says once an official leaves office, he or she should also let go of the office's power. The piece makes the point by quoting a Chinese maxim that says tea cools down as soon as a guest is gone.

The critique goes further, saying leaders have made a habit of giving key government positions to their cronies, only to pull their strings after they, the leaders, retire.

The column also points out that many leaders have been honorable enough to make way for new blood and by doing so have won the respect of the people by not interfering in politics during their retirement years.

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