Xi'an safe haven receives 60 abandoned babies

China will provide safe havens for parents to abandon unwanted children across most of the country, despite debate on whether they could see more babies dumped, state media reported.

XI'AN - A safe haven for abandoned babies in Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi province, has received more than 60 babies since it was opened on Nov 29, 2013, Huashang Daily reported on Monday.

Wang Yingtao, director of Xi'an Children's Welfare Home, said the safe haven built at the gate of the welfare home received its first baby on Dec 4. "Most of the abandoned babies we receive are suffering from congenital disease or congenital disability," Wang said.

At present, 10 provinces and autonomous regions have established similar safe havens and another 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions are preparing to build such facilities. The havens safeguard the lives of abandoned babies.

Experts said that most abandoned babies suffer from disease or disability shows that China's child welfare system is imperfect. Some in society also question the establishment of the safe havens, saying it encourages the abandonment of babies.