Yingluck announces House Dissolution

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Monday said she already sought royal approval for House dissolution to return power to people and to solve the ongoing political conflicts.

Therefore, a national election will be held accordingly, she said. Speaking at special broadcast at 9.42am, Yingluck said her government has tried its best to settle the conflicts and to talk to anti-government protesters who demanded what she described as not allowed by the laws and the constitution.

"At this stage, when there are many people opposed to the government from many groups, They claimed to represent people. Therefore, the best way is to give back the power to the Thai people and hold an election.

So the Thai people will decide," she said.

The announcement came as as thousands of protesters are marching to the Government House and took place one day after opposition Democrat Party MPs resigned en masse.

She said the ongoing protests put the country into dilemma. She said the Cabinet members will also be dissolved but they will remain the interim government which has authority to do duties that are allowed by the laws.