Young man eats live bees and places them on his body in China

A young man ate live bees in China. 

As if that wasn't disturbing enough, he also placed handfuls of bees on his body.

Video footage of the incident that took place on May 4 in the Yunnan Province, shows the youth grabbing a fistful of live bees and placing them into his shirt. 

This results in the bees flying in a swarm around him - something he doesn't seem bothered by. He proceeds to rub some of the bees on his body.

The clip that was uploaded by the Daily Mail then cuts to a later time where he has removed his shirt, and grabs another handful of buzzing bees and flinging them on his bare skin.

He then eats a few bees, subsequently choking because of well, you know, them being alive and all.

The video then abruptly ends - not that we could stomach watching it further.

Seriously, what happened to just eating plain ol' Honey Stars?