YouTube star creates impossibly small 'Krispy Kreme' doughnuts

Weight-conscious people wouldn't feel so bad when indulging in mini-doughnuts a fraction of the normal-sized ones.

If they want even smaller ones to banish any guilt, they can make their own or get someone else to whip up miniature doughnuts so tiny that they wouldn't even fit into their last finger if they are in the shape of a ring.

Don't believe? Just watch the fascinating video of Korean YouTube star Mimine Mini, who recently recorded herself making impossibly small 'Krispy Kreme' doughnuts.

Enter her well-equipped Lilliputian kitchen and see how she uses diminutive utensils to create the doughnuts.

After mixing the dough of flour, water and eggs, and kneading it with her fingers, the miniature cooking expert cuts the dough with a tiny round cutter and uses a straw to create the hole. Next she lights the stove with a matchstick, and fries each doughnut in hot oil in a metal pot till it's browned.

Then she frosts and coats her teeny-weeny creations with chocolate and icing powder before packing them in a replica 'Krispy Kreme' box smaller than a matchbox.

Impressive! They definitely look too cute to eat.

Wait a minute! What about those abnormally small eggs that she cracks into the dough mixture? might have to write to her to ask where she gets them.

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