Zoo tiger dies from cobra bite

A violent fight broke out between a white tiger and a black cobra at Kamla Nehru Zoo in Indore, India, on Saturday, resulting in the death of the tiger.

The cobra had slithered into the tiger's enclosure and a battle broke out between the two animals, said zoo officials.

The cobra was also severely injured in the encounter, reported the Times of India.

Zoo officials found the tiger, Rajan, unconscious, bleeding from the nose and foaming at the mouth on Saturday morning.

The tiger was declared dead and a post-mortem confirmed it had died due to a snake bite, reported the Hindustan Times.

The cobra was found hiding inside a small burrow in the tiger's enclosure.

Officials added that the cobra is suffering from a paralysis attack following the battle and they are trying to save it.

The three-year-old white tiger, Rajan, was acquired from Kanan Pendari Zoo in Bilaspur for a breeding programme last month.

The question of how the cobra managed to enter the tiger's enclosure has raised doubts about security at the zoo. But Dr Uttam Tadav, who is in charge at the zoo, denied any security lapses on their part.

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