AsiaOne debate: Singapore vs Malaysia, which country has better food?

Let the food war begin.

Singapore's local dishes - yes, we are only talking about local hawker fare here - have always been compared to those across the Causeway. From laksa to chicken rice to chilli crab, food lovers from both countries have been making claims as to which delicacy is tastier and better.

Does Malaysia's dark bak kut teh appeal to you more than the white peppery ones in Singapore? Or does Singapore's chicken rice fare better than those in Malaysia?

This topic has always been a constant debate, even for the AsiaOne team in the office. So we thought we'd air our debate online and get your votes.

Our online reporters, Sean Yap and Ryan Ho, will be battling it out online.

(The debate window below takes a few seconds to load. If it does not load after a few seconds, click on Refresh to reload the page)