Authentic chee cheong fun in Malaysia's Pasir Pinji

Selling chee cheong fun for over 60 years, Yu Shao De, who is about 80 years old, finally has time to sit down and tell the story of his chee cheong fun business, after his daughter and son in law took over the stall last year.

Yu Shao De inherited his father's tools when he was 18 years old, 60 years ago. Carrying his chee cheong fun with a shoulder pole, he started to sell them on the street.

In that era of more than half a century ago, not many could afford buying snacks and thus, his business was not good.

However, thanks to his persistence, his business became better and he started to sell chee cheong fun at the current location ten years later, after buying a tricycle at RM100. Today, even tourists from other states have purposely visited his stall for his chee cheong fun.

There is no signboard hung above his stall, and since everyone calls him "Dak Gor", they thus call it "Dak Gor chee cheong fun". Without newspaper or magazine coverage, his chee cheong fun has attracted attention through experience sharing by his customers on Facebook.

Rumours said that he uses mountain water to make chee cheong fun and that makes his chee cheong fun so tasty. Yu cleared the rumours and said that it is skills, instead, that has made his chee cheong fun to taste good.

For those who wish to taste his chee cheong fun, they must get prepared for a long queue and the stall is closed on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Insisted on making his chee cheong fun manually, the whole process still follows the practices of Yu's father.

Although he did not hope his children to inherit the hard work, his daughter and son in law still decided to take over the business from him last year, as she thinks it is a waste to end the business just like that.