Avoid vulgar chants

Avoid vulgar chants

I recently watched a football game at the Jalan Besar Stadium.

It was packed, with some 7,000 fans turning up for the game.

The fans were great and very supportive of the Singapore team.

And as it is common at such games, they shouted and made a lot of noise during the game.

But I believe there are some things which the fans should not do. They should not shout vulgarities, especially in unison.

The foul language which they used that day cannot be printed, but I think many football fans may know what I am referring to.

The fans would clap several times, and then shout the word.

It is good to go for a game and shout your lungs out in support of your home team. But I hope the fans here can refrain from using such abusive language during a game.

We must not forget that there are also young fans watching the game and such things may lead them in the wrong direction.

This is not healthy for the fans or players.

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