Bathroom makeover

PHOTO: Bathroom makeover

SINGAPORE - When it comes to modern home design concepts, bathrooms are far from being just basic facilities.

A simple bathroom can be transformed into little spa haven in the comfort of your own home to de-stress after a long day.

"People are beginning to view the bathroom as a living space now.

Changing the bathroom décor to something you prefer instead of having it as a purely functional place will allow you to feel more at ease and more at peace with your personal space," says Ms Winnie Quek, Hansgrohe's regional marketing communications manager.

Go for light colours

Having the right décor and sufficient light will put you at ease the moment you step into your bathroom, says Mr Gary Sim, assistant director from Sim Siang Choon.

Taking centrestage in a well-designed bathroom is the toilet bowl and the washbasin followed by the showerhead and faucet.

Colour plays a more important part - the sanitaryware's colour should blend with the overall background.

Even if you have the most high-end bathroom ware, the overall look will be affected if the contrast is stark.

Using light colours on the décor helps create an enhanced soothing feel that is easy on the eyes, says Mr Sim.

For instance, the basin and toilet bowl should be from the same family of colours.

Back to basics

Replacing or adding new fixtures should be hassle-free as long as you check the measurements and requirements earlier.

Mr Sim says that one should check the distance between the toilet bowl outlet hole from the wall, or ensure new fixtures are not drilled on the hidden or concealed water pipes in the wall.

It is important to get the measurements for the basins, shower screens and bathroom accessories and if necessary, seek help from the staff when shopping for the right bathroom equipment.

Installation of accessories such as towel or toothbrush holders will have minimal impact to the bathroom's structure and tiled walls.

For instance, a shower pipe comprising an overhead shower and hand shower does not require any wall hacking.

However, if you plan to install a bathtub, take your bathroom size into consideration.

Thematic décor

Depending on your budget, you can even adopt a particular theme such as modern, classic, avant-garde or retro.

Check out home décor magazines to shortlist what you like before deciding on a style that is the best fit.

Ms Quek suggests starting with the most basic bathroom equipment as there are, for instance, mixers that look futuristic to enhance an avant-garde design.