Battle of wits

Battle of wits

Our annual Science Week was inaugurated with Quizbowl - an inter-house quiz competition for the 6th and 7th graders conducted by the students of 11 A Level.

The teams competed in four rounds - Best Of 4, Rapid Fire, "Do You Know Your inventions" and Audio-Visual. Glacier's stellar performance throughout the quiz ensured their win. It was a nail-biting finish with Lake behind Glacier with a single point.

The senior quiz challenge was held on Aug 6. Conducted by Class 12 A Level, it comprised participants from classes 8 to 11. I was representing my house Oasis and was determined to try my best to make Oasis proud. There were four rounds - MCQ, One-word Answer, Rapid Fire and AV. My team performed well in the first round and emerged the clear leader by gaining an astounding 10-point lead.

Teams worked on questions on human anatomy and famous names in science. The audience was given a healthy dose of science too, as the coordinators ensured that there were questions for them to answer.

The quiz master calmed the anxiety by cracking science jokes as the scorekeepers totalled the score. Eventually Spring came out on top.

Regardless of the score, every student was given a slice of science to savour. Besides the team spirit and house allegiance the competitions left us with, we realised that science extended far beyond textbooks and that the sky, or should that be that the black hole, is the limit!

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