Be mindful of wildlife crossing

Be mindful of wildlife crossing

On several of my visits to the Singapore Zoo, I have noticed many drivers speeding along Mandai Lake Road.

Recently, a deer suddenly emerged from the thicket, dashed across the road and almost collided with a speeding taxi.

Fortunately, the driver managed to slow down in time and the deer got out of harm's way.

There is already a speed limit along the road, but not all drivers adhere to it or are aware of wildlife in the forested areas lining the road.

I suggest that the authorities put up speed cameras and signs warning of wildlife crossing, to remind the public to be on the lookout, not just along Mandai Lake Road, which leads to the zoo, but also along any roads where wild animals are frequently seen.

Let us be more active in protecting the dwindling number of wildlife that we have in Singapore.

Evelyn Tan Pek Eng (Ms)

This article was first published on March 22, 2015.
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