Beautiful bodybuilders of Korea strut their stuff in national championship

At the Korean Championships of the 2013 National Amateur Body-Builders' Association (NABBA) and World Fitness Federation (WFF) tanned, toned and oiled goddesses flowed across the stage.

The beautiful, strong women flexed their sinuous musculature to compete for the Bikini and Sports Model categories. One would be chosen as the overall winner, but who would it be?

These women combine superhuman abs and rockhard thighs with other areas of alluring softness. Like fine bronze sculptures, these women - and a few men - have made their bodies their art.

Founded in 1950 in the UK, NABBA is the original National Amateur Body-Builders' Association, who began the Mr Universe contest won four times by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now there are NABBA organisations in a number of other countries, including Korea.

The 2013 NABBA/WFF Korea Championship featured not only the quest for the biggest muscles, but also the hottest in the Bikini and Sports Model categories.

Bodybuilders train hard, eat vast amounts of protein, slather themselves in fake tan and many dehydrate before competitions to achieve that extra-cut look, which coincidentally can also make them extra shaky when posing.

Let these stunning results of their hard work and sweat speak for themselves.