Beautiful Chinese CEOs who command millions in assets

Some Chinese CEOs are truly beauty with brains. And they handle big bucks too.

Noted by the media for their beauty and business accomplishments, they are the glamorous hosts and special guests of high-profile corporate and glitzy social events.

Meet Xi Huilin who attended university at the age of 14 and became a university teacher at 19.

She started her adventure in Wall Street at just 21 and her capital quickly rose to US$10 million. At 27 she founded China's first large-scale network educational institution - Campus Online Group.

Her meteoric rise sees her now controlling US$600 million assets, said a forum post in China Daily.

The beautiful high-achievers in China have business strengths and interests in various areas, from food and watches to entertainment and property.

Another success story is sophisticated-looking Chen Xiaowei who was enrolled in a Special Class for Gifted Young at University of Science and Technology of China at 15. Then she studied at the University of Pittsburgh and obtained her biochemistry Ph.D. there.

After doing a postdoctorate at the University of California, she came back to China and became the president of the China region of Telstra and chief executive officer of Orange Sky Entertainment Group.

Another high-flier with a glam factor is Zhang Qiong, who graduated from Stanford Business School, and was in the first batch of securities lawyers following Chinese legal reforms.

Now she is the CEO of both Asian Business Consulting Group and Pan-Asian Investment Company, said.

Some of you might even recognise Dong Siyang who studied at a university in Singapore before earning her MBA at an American university.

Then she returned to China and built her own business from scratch. It developed into a multinational company in just three years. Today, she is the CEO of restaurant chain Shakey Food Company, which promotes healthful eating with organic food.

Finally, meet the enchanting 'watch queen' of Hong Kong Hu Minshan. She had a windfall with her 'miraculous' business acumen - selling 1 million watches overnight.

More examples of the hotties with brains in the gallery below.