Ben Affleck's apps

Ben Affleck's apps

How does an Oscar winner like Ben Affleck unwind? With his favourite iPhone apps.

The 40-year-old US actor and director has been having a banner year so far.

He won the Best Picture Academy Award earlier this year for Argo, a movie he directed and starred in, and accepted the Guy Of The Year award at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards in June.

The father of three has even received an honorary doctorate in fine arts from Brown University in the US for his contribution to film.

Affleck's long-time friend, actor Matt Damon, 42, had attended Harvard University, but did not graduate, while Affleck lasted one semester at the University of Vermont.

"This is a spectacular honour for me. Among other things, today, in terms of higher education, I passed Matt Damon," he joked.

Affleck has his own sources on his iPhone and iPad that keep him in the entertainment loop.

Stitcher Radio App

This app focuses on news, radio and podcasts. Affleck said he likes it because it tracks what he follows.

He said: "It helps me keep track of podcasts I'm into and suggests new ones based on what I've liked."

Goodreads App

The multi-talented Affleck seems to be quite the bookworm.

Ensuring that he is updated on what's new, he relies on this app for his list of "must-buy" book.

"A great place to keep track of books I've heard about and want to read but have to shelve for later," he said.

ESPN Sportscenter

Affleck, who is a fan of US baseball team Boston Red Sox, keeps track of his sports results with the popular ESPN app.

He said: "This is a killer app on my iPad for quick updates on my teams' scores."

Evernote App

To sync information on his different Apple devices, Affleck uses Apple's free Evernote app.

"(This app) lets me take articles I find on the web and read them anywhere on my iPhone," he said.

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