The best seats on planes revealed

SINGAPORE - While air travel has seen many advances with larger, more environmentally friendly aircraft, passenger comfort seems to have been overlooked.

Travel search engine has worked with cabin crew to create an infographic weighing up the pros and cons of particular plane seats, with tips on how to make the best selections.

The infographic focuses on two of the most commonly used aircraft in airline fleets, the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 777. Many regional airlines use the A320, so frequent fliers around South-East Asia may find this infographic handy.

In the A320, seat A1 has been singled out as the best seat. Situated behind the cockpit, the seat has extra legroom, optimum window view, and has the highest chance to be served first at meals.

However, this seat is typically one of the colder ones on board, so customers in this seat should dress warmly.

On board the Boeing 777, which is commonly used by Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Qatar Airways, passengers should avoid seats in rows 44 and 45.

Common complaints about these seats include less legroom, limited reclining space, and close proximity to the toilets; when the queue builds up, other people will be leaning on your seat.

The preferred seats on board the 777 are those in rows 16 and 32. Passengers in those rows have extra legroom and are among the first to be served at meals; however, the trade-off is limited bathroom access, and only views of the wing for the window seats in row 32.'s tie-up with cabin crew provides an insight into the normally hush-hush world of plane seating, which may help travellers get the most out of their travel experience. Whether it is knowing when to book, or which seat to book, the extra mile of service makes all the difference to a journey.