Beware of scam e-mail sent by 'AirAsia'

Don't get your hopes up if you have received an e-mail message declaring you the winner of a lottery programme linked to AirAsia - it's a hoax.

The low-cost carrier said yesterday that e-mail messages have been circulated among members of the public here about a lottery programme called the "2013 AirAsia High 5 Special Bonus".

My Paper understands that a similar statement was issued by AirAsia's office in Malaysia last Friday.

Members of the public are advised to ignore the messages.

The e-mail messages come from scammers identifying themselves as "AirAsia (Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters)", with "Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Old Airport Road, Tanjung Aru Sabah" as the business address.

An AirAsia spokesman said: "AirAsia has neither organised such programmes nor authorised any company, organisation or gaming establishment to hold a lottery programme on our behalf."

The spokesman added that the carrier "shall not be held liable for any claims" pertaining to the fake lottery programme.

"We have reported the matter to the authorities as we are deeply concerned about how such misrepresentation may mislead and cause substantial losses to the public, as well as to safeguard AirAsia from reputational damage."

For inquiries on AirAsia matters, refer to the carrier's official communication channels, such as its Facebook page ( airasiasingapore) or website, AskAirAsia (