Bigger is better, say readers and advertisers

Bigger is definitely better when it comes to using the AsiaOne iPad app.

Civil servant Lim Meng Jin, 34, said that browsing the photo galleries within the news and lifestyle app offers "a more visceral experience" and allows him to connect better to the story.

Another big fan of AsiaOne iPad's photo galleries is Mr Wes Wong, who enjoys using the app when he is at home, lying in bed and reading or when he is vacationing.

Mr Wong said: "My favourite part is the Photo Galleries. It makes me want to keep tapping on different pictures to see what the story (is about)."

The 30-year-old software quality assurance officer also said: "The article's visuals and fonts are very clear, so reading at a glance is not a problem." He also said that he liked that it is easy to share articles with his friends.

One of Singapore Press Holdings' advertisers, a marketing executive from the automobile industry, said that advertising on iPad is a refreshing break away from traditional media platforms.

"The large screen enhances the visual imagery on advertisements," she said.