Bring out the superhero in you at this fascinating local concept cafe

Can't get enough of the Avengers? Well now you can get up close and personal with your favourite heroes and villains at Superhero Concept, Singapore's very own superhero-themed cafe.

Founders of the cafe believe that a superhero theme can be a positive force in the lives of men, women and children.

According to Metropolitant, the cafe, which opened in September this year, serves affordable meals that are cooked with olive oil and purified water with no added MSG, pork or lard.

Prices of meals at Superhero Concept range from $6 to $15.

Other than food customers also get to play with superhero-related items like Iron Man's mask and Captain America's shield.

Superhero merchandise and costumes are also available for fan-boys, comic enthusiasts and movie buffs.

Those who are brave enough can even arm-wrestle with resident superheroes and win attractive prizes.

The cafe not only caters to adults but children as well. Superhero concept plans to launch Superhero Academy, a workshop that aims to enhance children's' confidence as well as boost their imagination.

Superhero concept is located at 37A Boat Quay and is open from 11.30am to 7.30pm daily.

Check out their Superhero Concept's website for more information about the cafe's activities and food.

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