Bruneian tourists big spenders in Malaysia

Bruneian tourists are among the biggest spenders in Malaysia, according to data recently issued by the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB).

MTPB said shopping by tourists took top spot from spending for accommodation in the first quarter of the year.

Shopping constituted nearly a third or 28.1 per cent of total tourist receipts compared to accommodation which accounted for 26.3 per cent.

Most of these shoppers were travellers from Brunei, Singapore, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

MTPB attributed the growth to the favourable exchange rate which encouraged spending.

Shopping receipts increased by 10.8 per cent to 4.9 billion ringgit ($1.8 billion) from the previous year MTPB said .

Bukit Bintang, a shopping and entertainment district in Kuala Lumpur, is the top shopping destination for tourists.

George Town in Penang, Kota Kinabalu in Sabah and Johor Bahru in Johor are also among popular shopping places for tourists.

MTPB said most of the tourists shopped for clothes, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Average per capita expenditure of foreign tourists also grew by 3.5 per cent to 2,700.70 ringgit ($971.75) from 2,609.10 ringgit in the first quarter of 2014.

Tourists from Saudi Arabia registered the highest average per capita expenditure with 9,637.10 ringgit ($3,467). This was followed by tourists from New Zealand with 4,213 ringgit ($1,515.90) and Australian tourists with 4,133.50 ringgit ($1,487.30).