Burger King adds gourmet twist to Mushroom Swiss

SINGAPORE - Burger King Singapore has launched a new take on its iconic Mushroom Swiss burger.

The Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss, described as a gourmet version of the original, features the additional ingredients of premium Japanese shimeji mushrooms sauteed with black pepper sauce, topped with Batavia lettuce and caramelised onions. Like the Mushroom Swiss, the new burger also comes with Burger King's special mushroom sauce, melted Swiss cheese and either the Whopper beef or Tendergrill chicken patty.

"We saw an emerging trend of premium mushroom consumption and this inspired us to add a twist to the best-selling Mushroom Swiss with black pepper shimeji mushrooms," said Ms See Seow Ying, Burger King Singapore's head of marketing.

The Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss can be bought a la carte ($7.35) or as part of a meal ($8.95), which comes with a medium-sized soft drink and Creamy Tomato ROCK IT fries. The newly launched fries come with a packet of creamy tomato-flavoured seasoning which you sprinkle over your spuds.

The new items are available till mid-January, while stocks last.