10 trends to watch in 2013 amid the great power shift

10 trends to watch in 2013 amid the great power shift

JAKARTA - The great global redistribution of economic and social power will continue over the next 12 months. Power will flow away from traditional institutions that have failed to deliver progress - especially governments and banks. It will flow toward communities and individuals and also to businesses whose leaders understand and act on the big trends shaping our future.

This future looks uncertain and unstable. Hurricane Sandy was a deadly reminder of shifting climate patterns, emphasizing the need for new ways to manage the world's resources and environment. There are growing levels of social unrest over rising inequality, austerity, unemployment, political ineptitude, institutional failure and more.

And companies will continue to fail because they misread the future - like Kodak, which invented the digital camera but filed for bankruptcy after focusing on its core film business instead.

In our Global Trends Report for 2013, we highlight 10 trends that business leaders need to focus on today.

1. Social everything: New generations and their digital world stepping forward.

Social technologies are now a central part of everyday life and work. The social generations are reshaping companies from the inside, helping them to build broader, more agile networks to create and deliver value to customers. Mobility and connectedness will be at the heart of the future business environment: communications and marketing are moving from a focus on one-to-one relationships, to many-to-many.

2. Redefining value: The consumer is winning the fight to own the new consumer.

The notion of value is being redefined for the 21st century. Consumers have choice. They want personalization and to participate in value creation, shifting the mindset to "made with me". Value will also be about "shared with me" as the ownerless economy expands. This will be driven particularly by younger generations who value experiences they can share - and that also deliver benefits to society - over possessions.

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