10 unlucky things to avoid when buying a new home

10 unlucky things to avoid when buying a new home

An auspicious piece of land or property site can be selected following the principles of Vasthu Sastra or Indian feng shui.

Such desirable property will benefit the buyer in terms of peace of mind, good health, happiness or even bring prosperity.

The first thing a prospective buyer needs to do is to study the shape, size, slope, proportion, location and elevation of the land. Such factors can influence the new owner in both positive and negative ways.

Next, he or she, should check who is the actual seller of the land because this can result in favourable or unfavourable consequences.

For instance, you should not purchase the land from a person who is a bankrupt, suffering from a serious illness or who has left the country.

This is because the "bad" energy left behind by the former owner will affect the well-being of the new occupant.

However, if you are still keen on purchasing such a property, you can do so by correcting the defects and incorporating Vasthu elements before occupying the property.

It is also not a good idea to buy land that has been donated to a temple or a charitable organization. Likewise, land without any title deed or that has been auctioned or used by criminals.

Research has revealed that a house that is constructed on such a site will result in the dweller not enjoying any peace of mind, or will suffer financial losses, experience obstacles to progress or even face grief.


Any type of land containing boulders, bones, anthills or it is infested with worms should not be acquired.

Neither should you purchase plots that are waterlogged or filled with loose soil. Also, avoid buying reclaimed land or burial ground which are deemed inauspicious.

While excavating before building your house, keep an eye on what is dug up because that could be an indication of what would be in store.

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