The 16th World Leisure Congress: Make the Leisure Industry Go Further

BEIJING, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- From April 16 to 18, 2021, Beijing time, the 16th World Leisure Congress with the theme of "Leisure Makes Life Better" was concluded at the Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center in Pinggu District, Beijing. Through the combination of online and offline means, Chinese and foreign concepts on leisure were exchanged and various forms of leisure business were displayed to push the leisure industry to go further.

According to the Executive Committee Office of the 2020 Beijing Pinggu World Leisure Congress, the congress consisted of the opening ceremony, one main forum, 14 parallel sub-forums, China (Beijing) International Leisure Industry Exposition, award ceremony, nine featured leisure activities and the closing ceremony, which attracted over 110,000 visitors to Pinggu. More than 80,000 people participated in the congress through the "online + offline" modes.

Spreading the concepts of leisure, the congress has yielded fruitful results.

In that main forum of the congress, UNWTO Executive Director Zhu Shanzhong, Chief Operating Officer Cristina Ortega of the World Leisure Organization, Director Ou Xiaoli of the Social Affairs Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, and Former Director Shan Jixiang of the Palace Museum among other experts and scholars gave speeches on the theme of "Leisure Makes Life Better" and proposed in-depth explanations for the current development trend of the leisure industry and leisure lifestyle. The 14 parallel sub-forums focused on how leisure is closely related to people's life. A total of 162 experts and scholars attended the congress online and offline to share academic views and release academic results. The congress received 342 papers from Chinese and foreign experts and 332 abstracts in Chinese and foreign languages. All the papers for and videos about the congress are available online for disseminating and promoting the concepts of leisure.

With featured activities receiving wide attention, Pinggu is radiant with the charm of leisure.

Featured leisure activities such as China International Mind Games Challenge, Beijing International Peach Culture Forum and Peach Garden Calligraphy were held during the congress to attract the participation of the general public. In particular, the activities such as the Peach Blossom Grand Stage Folk Culture Exhibition and Peach Garden Calligraphy blend traditional Chinese culture and some Western cultures with unique features, showing that Beijing has a profound cultural foundation and Pinggu boasts unique leisure charm.

Chen Dong, director-general of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, said in his speech at the closing ceremony that the congress had expanded its "circle of friends" in Beijing and even China at large, and the communication transcending the barriers of time and space shows the vitality of China's leisure industry and the ambience of Beijing as a friendly and livable city. We look forward to welcoming even more international friends to visit Beijing and to enjoy the charm of leisure in Pinggu.

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Caption: A Scene of the Opening Ceremony of Beijing Pinggu World Leisure Congress

Caption: The Peach Blossom Grand Stage Folk Culture Exhibition is held during the congress.