The 1st IBF B&R Annual Conference Will be Held in Macau This Month

MACAU, Oct. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 1st IBF B&R Annual Conference will be held in Macau from October 25 to 30. Upon invitation, boxing associations, boxing broker, manager of boxing gym and professional boxers will get together in Macau to discuss future develop of professional boxing.

During the 5-day-long conference, IBF B&R will arrange 2 plenary meetings, 3 professional meetings, 2 days competitions, 1 high-end forum and 1 charity dinner. IBF B&R will introduce IBF Silk Road Championship Tournament to all participants, and will encourage countries along the Belt and Road area actively bid for the tournament. The convention aims to enhance the popularity of Silk Road spirit and boxing culture in the area via improving the boxing industry and strengthening the communication among members.

Events at the conference will facilitate the participants to know more about China's support on professional boxing and sports industry, as well as what kind of key role that Macau will play in the IBF B&R. Through first-hand experience about the city's environment of boxing matches and the understanding of Macau Government's support on the boxing industry, participants would be able to feel the passion and consideration of this new world boxing center completely.

IBF President Daryl J. Peoples is inviting the world to participate in the 1st IBF B&R Annual Convention in Macau to support the construction of IBF B&R, as well as the development of IBF Silk Road Championship. He also calls on young people who are interested in sports to get involved in the development of boxing industry. Anyone who wants to enroll in the convention can log on IBF's official website to register.

IBF B&R, which is short for IBF Belt & Road Region (the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road), was founded in August, 2017. The IBF B&R President and the managing team will be elected on the annual conference. Headquartered in China, IBF B&F is the biggest regional boxing organization under IBF, one of the world's top four boxing organizations. It is made up of approximately 70 countries spanning from Asia, through Africa and the Middle East, to the Baltic and Europe.

The ticket booking service of the 1st IBF Silk Road Championship also enters the countdown. Anyone who wants to watch the game could dial (853)28555555 or log on to book the ticket.

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