2-Minute Pizza Oven: Quick Cooking, No Preheat Home Kitchen Appliance Announced

Mike Weinberger, a retired attorney, has announced his new patent-pending technology for a near-instant pizza oven.

The 2 Minute Pizza - which is trademarked and patent pending - is designed to recreate the efficiency of instant coffee or instant oatmeal but with pizza, offering customers a new way to cook a personal-size pizza with no warmup time.

More information can be found at https://2minutepizza.com/

The pizza oven is not currently on sale, but Mike Weinberger has demonstrated its effectiveness through a video on his website - and is now looking for a partnership with a major manufacturer to bring the product to market.

Weinberger has trademarked the 2, 3, and 4 Minute Pizza names, catering to ovens of different sizes capable of cooking personal, family-sized, and even larger pizzas. This versatility ensures that households of all sizes can indulge in the convenience of homemade pizzas, he explains.

The 2 Minute Pizza oven is capable of cooking both pre-prepared, shop-bought pizzas and raw dough, with the latter taking just over 3 minutes. Weinberger anticipates that his invention will ignite a surge in the home pizza market, akin to the revolution that coffee pods brought to the coffee industry, making fresh pizza more accessible to all.

He says that traditional non-stick clamshell ovens require preheating and are still slower than the 2 Minute Pizza oven. In addition to this, his oven excels in caramelizing the cheese, resulting in a more authentic pizza experience that conventional ovens struggle to replicate.

Mike Weinberger previously invented the Hearth Cabinet Fireplace and founded the successful Hot Bird Rotisserie Chicken company, showing a track record of creating products - and now he's focusing on enhancing the home dining experience for consumers.

As he continues to refine and develop the 2 Minute Pizza oven, he welcomes suggestions and input from industry experts and manufacturers - and he extends an open invitation to those interested in collaborating, helping to build the brand into a ubiquitous home cooking appliance found in homes across the country.

“I’m hoping a major manufacturer sees the value not only of my invention but also of my trademarks, including the signature '2 Minute Pizza™' mark,” Mark Weinberger explains.

Interested parties can learn more at https://2minutepizza.com/

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