$20,000 discount for 'murder' or 'loanshark' flats

$20,000 discount for 'murder' or 'loanshark' flats

SINGAPORE - Home buyers are reportedly getting up to $20,000 discounts for buying houses where murders have happened in them, or have been harassed by loansharks.

According to Shin Min Daily News, a property company said there are a number of houses in the market which are still selling cheaper than the market rate even though property resale prices have soared.

A senior executive said if a home was rumoured to be haunted, or had murders in them, the seller typically asked for lower prices for the flat. Involved parties may negotiate up to $20,000 discount in prices for such homes. Houses which are on loansharks' hit list also have lower prices.

For example, if a 3-room HDB flat was selling for $330,000, then a 'loanshark' flat would fetch around $310,000.

Another industry expert said that owners who didn't mind the loanshark harassment also took up the flats, but requested for a similar $20,000 discount.

Should agents inform potential buyers?

Real estate agents told the Chinese daily that they usually don't inform potential buyers upfront that the home is 'haunted' or is being harassed by loansharks unless the buyer asks.

This is because they have a duty to protect the sellers' interest.

"If we tell them that the home is 'haunted', it may not be sold forever!" an agent told Shin Min Daily News.

However, if a potential buyer did question the agent on such matters, the agent has to be truthful and tell the buyer all the facts.

If the brokerage houses 'haunted' problem will not take the initiative to tell buyers

Resale HDB if there are so-called "haunted" problem, or have occurred in the murder, brokerage houses will tell buyers?

How to identify 'murder' or 'loanshark' flats?

  • Search for news and information online about the flat
  • Approach the unit's neighbours to find out more
  • Check whether the doors and corridors have recently been painted over, or have paint residue
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