2017 CEEMAN Annual Conference Successfully Held in Hangzhou by ZJUSOM

HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 25th CEEMAN Annual Conference was co-organized and hosted by The School of Management, Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China recently. More than 150 participants from over 30 countries joined the event, including deans and directors from business schools and universities, representatives of international management development associations, business leaders and entrepreneurs, political leaders and change makers, and international publishers.

The Conference's theme was "Rethinking Entrepreneurship: Challenges for Management Education in Rising Economics". Company visits and meetings with entrepreneurs about the innovation and entrepreneurship, poster sessions, keynote addresses and panel sessions about latest trends and insights, key issues, opportunities and challenges in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability were held in the conference. This was done to see how business/management education can better support these processes to foster more effective entrepreneurship development around the world.

The meeting was held in China for the first time, and was an important step to facilitate cooperation following the Belt and Road initiative. The conference gave a chance to rethink the challenges for management education in rising economics facing globalization and dramatic economic development. Companies from East and European countries will have a deep understanding about entrepreneurship and innovation of Chinese enterprises, as well as inclusive finance and sharing economy.

The first keynote was about the evolution of management education, with key issues that the institutions are facing and how business schools need to evolve in the future. Other keynotes from business were followed, which were presented by representatives from Alibaba and multinational companies from the Belt and Road area. Initiatives encouraging and enabling the SMEs to grow global, as well as perspectives on entrepreneurship were shared.

Panel sessions were focused on the issue of Entrepreneurship Development. One of them was around China's issues and opportunities with deans and rectors from Chinese and international business schools participating in it and sharing their viewpoints. Another one views the entrepreneur's side with entrepreneurs and deans attending from different continents.

The CEEMAN Annual Conference officially came to an end with CEEMAN Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony, where certificates were delivered to new CEEMAN members, schools that have acquired the IQA Accreditation, and to the winners of the 23rd CEEMAN Case Writing Competition, organized in cooperation with Emerald Group Publishing and 2017 CEEMAN Champion Awards recipients.